Our team of HR consultants are working across London to provide clients with advice that is tailored to the needs of them and their business. We have been in the industry for many years, specialising in independent employment law and Human Resource law. Sole HR are based in Putney and work with clients across the city. We are experienced HR specialists offering high-quality, cost effective services that will make your life simpler. By allowing us to step in and tackle those difficult conversations you’re avoiding and that daunting pile of paperwork, you can get on with running your business, safe in the knowledge that everything is being done by the book.

Let’s Work Together.

Employers and employees alike are welcome to touch base over the phone on a particular matter and we will be more than happy to provide assistance following a no obligation chat. Alternatively, we can supply an on-site HR manager on an ongoing basis – either way, the process will be seamless and tailored to your requirements. We will be with you every step of the way and one of our knowledgeable on-site consultants can liaise with an employee on your behalf. There are many circumstances you may find yourself in where the support of an HR consultant is needed, such as receiving a flexible working request or having an employee request maternity leave. You can be sure that with our services, your business complies with best practise and no other company knows better than us the challenges of running a small business. This unique level of service means that we are the number one choice of employers and employees all over London.

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For a no obligation chat where we talk through your options, please call us on 02039 182 835 or get in touch online and one of our friendly advisors will be in touch shortly.

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Our costing structure is fuss-free and simple, so there’ll be no surprises:



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We also offer fixed rates for many jobs including employment contracts and handbooks.

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